In a Rush?

Grab healthy snacks on the go in Milwaukee, WI

It can be hard to fit in a meal or snack, let alone a healthy one, if you're always on the go. Fortunately, you can grab an energy bite from Kwench Juice Cafe Milwaukee instead. Our juice cafe in Milwaukee, WI offers a variety of on-the-go healthy snacks for people who are always on the move. Our healthy snacks can keep you moving and satisfied until dinner. Our snacks also pack a nutritional punch. Nothing you eat here is a wasted calorie.

Have a snack preference? Tell us about it, and we'll give you suggestions for some of our top snack options.

Get your favorite snacks to go

When you're busy all the time, finding time to get your favorite snacks can be hard. We have all of your favorite energy bites right here at our cafe so that you can easily buy healthy, filling snacks like:

  • Peanut & almond butter bites
  • Chocolate chia pudding
  • Original chia pudding
  • Steel cut oats
  • Fruit cups

We also sell Collagen & Vitamin D water to quench your thirst and help your skin, hair, nails and bones.

Make the switch to healthier snacks to feel better throughout the day. Come to our cafe today to try something new.

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