Discover Healthy Snack Options in Milwaukee, WI

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Drop by our juice shop in Milwaukee, WI for a fresh smoothie

If you're looking for all-natural raw juices and smoothies in Milwaukee, WI, Kwench Juice Cafe Milwaukee is the shop for you. Our juice cafe is full of healthy options for smoothies, juices and acai bowls made from our selection of fresh fruit and veggies. Our juice shop has something for everyone.

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Your taste buds and body will thank you for trying our fresh, delicious menu options.

Choose from a variety of healthy food

Our juice cafe has more than healthy smoothies. We make sure to offer healthy food options too. You can count on us to serve up balanced meals at any time of the day in Milwaukee, WI. You can visit our restaurant to try a pitaya or acai bowl. We also have a large selection of natural snacks like energy bars and steel cut oats.

Pair your juice with the perfect healthy snack. We'll help you make sure that you can get the nutrients you need in a balanced meal prepared just for you. Visit our juice shop today to try something new.

Stamp your way to savings

Want to know how we sweeten the deal at our juice shop? When you come in for one of our signature juices or smoothies, we'll stamp your punch card. After you've gathered 10 stamps, we'll give you a free drink of your choice. Every time you come to our cafe to eat or drink, you get closer to your reward. So why wait? Drop by today to get one step closer to your free drink!